1. Cycles
    Pain Chain // Armenia

  2. I Long To Be Among Them

  3. Soul Terror
    Pain Chain // Many Blessings

  4. Split
    Sewir // Pain Chain

  5. Make America Gape Again
    Pain Chain // Dysphoria

  6. Lethal System
    +DOG+ // Pain Chain

  7. Mapping Police Violence
    Pain Chain // Closer Bones

  8. Echolocation
    Pain Chain // Dosis Letalis

  9. Split
    Rush Falknor // Pain Chain

  10. Split
    Pain Chain // Straight Panic

  11. Bloom
    Walter Wright // Pain Chain

  12. Soul on Fire
    Pain Chain // Idol Brain

  13. Split
    Pain Chain // Bison Squad

  14. Split
    Pain Chain // Mortis

  15. Split
    Pain Chain // Nico Tracy

  16. Live Demonstration

  17. Split
    Pain Chain // Viliji


  19. They Get Satisfaction From Our Pain
    Emily Gilmore x Pain Chain

  20. The Sense of Touch

  21. Deserted (Re-Release)
    N0123NOISE//Pain Chain

  22. Nightmare Silhouettes

  23. The Spirit of Gerri Santoro

  24. Stained Aura
    Pain Chain // L'eclipse Nue

  25. Ethical Consumption

  26. Milestones (Singles 2018)

  27. Split w/ Hiroyuki Chiba
    Pain Chain//Hiroyuki Chiba

  28. 4 WAY SPLIT
    Misery Ritual/KPG/Pain Chain/Wormhoudt

  29. Sever Your Ties
    Pain Chain/STCLVR

  30. Split w/ Goth Girl
    Goth Girl/Pain Chain

  31. C.U.M. (Cut Up & Mangled)
    Pain Chain & Chuck Steak

  32. Deserted
    Pain Chain//N0123NOISE

  33. Over 2 Million Are Slaves in the Prison Industrial Complex
    Pain Chain//Carrion Eater

  34. Cease Our Pain

  35. Death and Waste and Violence
    Pain Chain and Chuck Steak

  36. Soft Domination

  37. I dreamed of melting into a sky full of auras

  38. Friendship Split (Live at SEEN in Pawtucket, RI 6/8/18)
    Various Artists

  39. Self Inflicted

  40. Aural Pleasure for Wretched Souls

  41. Pain Chain//This is not okay Split

  42. Ain't This Country Great?


Pain Chain Lowell, Massachusetts

Words cannot express the true chaos of the mind.

I make noise to fill in the gaps.

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